TezEdge is no more for Kathmandu


This looks like an great shame and there is absolutely no information as to reasons why and path forward.

If the reason is that OCaml is enough, someone should make an argument for that. There are some really good points against I want to get into as well as others who share the same view. Why not have this discussion in the open?

Most importantly though, let’s please aim not to have things happen, that affect each and every one of us, in the middle of the night with no explanation from anyone. There are some really shady vibes that come with this kind of reality.


Building a node is a serious technical challenge and a lot of work. I’m not terribly surprised this effort failed, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying - client diversity is valuable, as is supporting a language like Rust with bare-metal speed and a much more vibrant developer community.

The loss of this Rust code is a major blow for Tezos. I have been begging/screaming at core teams for years to split their work up into reusable modules that can run natively on other platforms (e.g. in a language such as rust, C, C++ etc), with no progress so far. I had spoken to TezEdge about them splitting up the client/node into separate repos so I could play around with importing bits and pieces (forging, parsing, michleson/micheline transformations, crypto module that supports all Tezos curves out of the box), directly into apps or providing language specific wrappers around them. They were open to the idea but too busy with protocol work at the time. Now back to square one, painfully hacking away at JS libraries and taking massive performance hits

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So there is noone left that would take over TezEdge? I saw some rumours that maybe other teams will take over.

I’ve heard the same rumors but not seen anyone announce anything since. The radio silence around this is also a big issue, as if it is happening, others who might be able to rely on it, can’t plan for it

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Very sad news indeed. The sole existence of Octez is perhaps Tezos’s biggest centralisation vector at the moment.

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According to the last TF biannual reports Viable system (that is the company that was developing TezEdge) got 200-500k USD monthly for probably 1.5 years. I suppose that TF stopped the payments.