TezGov: Update for Oxford and Paris staking

Dear bakers, we have just refreshed our https://gov.tez.capital/ portal to allow you to set your #AdaptiveIssuance baker staking options: edge_of_baking_over_staking & limit_of_staking_over_baking

Pulling from the Nomadic Labs blog post (Nomadic Labs - Adaptive Issuance and Staking), here are the descriptions of the new baker options:

edge_of_baking_over_staking: a ratio between 0 and 1, whose default value is 1. This parameter determines the fraction of the rewards that accrue to the delegate’s liquid spendable balance — the remainder accrues to frozen stakes.
limit_of_staking_over_baking: a non-negative number, denoting the maximum portion of external stake by stakers over the delegate’s own staked funds. It defaults to 0 — which entails that delegates do not accept external stakes by default. It is moreover capped by a global constant, set to 5 in Oxford, which ensures the baker controls a significant part of the stake.

Non-baker staking options will be added soon, so you can stake with your favorite baker right from TezGov.

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