Tezos Agora: The “go to” Place For Tezos Governance -- Taking feedback on how we can improve this platform!

We are in the process of improving this platform and would love to have the community’s feedback on how push Agora to the next level


To be able to post on Agora someone needs to register to have an account.

I believe this is a big “bad” UX factor. Nowadays most platforms offer a simple and quick “Sign in with Google/Twitter/Facebook Account”. For Agora it is even possible to Log in with your Github account. But no other options like google and so on.

Most people do not want to setup yet another account for another platform. I think offering this login option can increase participation. Hell even Kukai has this login feature we all like, Agora needs this too.

Add here:

Log in with Google
Log in with Apple
Log in with Twitter

Another great idea from @Primate411 :

Need to login with Tezos address feature on the wiki and build up list of contributors that way. Can allow only certain types of addresses to do certain things like post about a new proposal (delegate only address).

Hey @ajustice whats the status on this?