Tezos Commons and Kukai

Is it not potentially a conflict of interest for Tezos Commons to be managing the Kukai wallet, as they are an organization dedicated to the Tezos Community supporting various developers as a whole? It seems problematic for a large community figure like Tezos Commons to also have a stake among the various developer tools that they are tasked to promote. Even if there are no present concerns about TC, this sets a worrisome precedent for the future as well as Tezos grows larger with a wider and larger community.


Glad you brought this to our attention. Tezos Commons does support various developers including the developers of the Kukai Web Wallet throughout 2020 but no longer mange. At present for Tezos specific wallets Kukai for web, Galleon for desktop, Thanos for web (and Chrome Extension), and paired with Beacon has provided the basic infrastructure to allow numerous projects to work from. This doesn’t discount the specialty or third-party wallets we have as well like Simple Staking, Trust Wallet, Exodus, Atomex, and others. If there is an issue with how we are communicating or providing support to users on Telegram please let us know.

Kukai has been running since betanet launch without funding or support. Klas always made sure the wallet was running 24/7 which helped numerous bakers send out rewards with unique features like batch transactions prior to projects like TRD maturing. Klas also spent countless hours helping other wallet developers and reporting flaws that could have lead to total loss for the end users. This all changed in 2020 after losing Tezbox which we depended on and migrated everyone to the Galleon Desktop Wallet. In parallel we funded Kukai to help offload some of the dependence. By the summer I asked them to apply for a grant and seek to operate independently of our funding. They were successful and we no longer manger Kukai they are in the process of transitioning and well deserved.

To be explicitly clear Tezos Commons, including myself, own no stake and no IP in Kukai it is an open source web wallet built for the community forever. The Kukai team has done a great job in this short amount of time along with the wallet teams coordinating together to improve standards.


Tezos Commons does not own any stake in Kukai. It is an open source project by and for the community, and will remain so. It was developed without any funding at all for years, much unlike some of the other wallets, and yet was always up to date and functional even when most wallets were down.

Some of the primary concerns we had from the community and application developers in 2020 were surrounding wallets and standards, so we temporarily decided to support Kukai development to address these needs and worked with other wallet teams to improve standardization along the way.

That being said, we have ALWAYS been unbiased in promoting all legitimate wallets in the ecosystem, not only Kukai. In addition, Kukai has finally managed to secure funding of its own, and won’t be requiring our assistance any longer. We wish them the best, along with every wallet in the ecosystem.

I don’t understand your implication that Tezos Commons should not contribute to any open source projects in the ecosystem. We have contributed to the development of many various projects and tools, all to benefit the community, and we hold no stake in any of them. There was a need to be filled, so we helped fill it. You seem to have decided to focus on Kukai but there are many projects we have supported and continue to.

We constantly get feedback from the community, application developers, exchanges, wallet developers, and more, and we try to align focus on the most pressing needs of the community the best that we can. But regardless, like I said, Kukai development will no longer be supported by TCF going forward, though we will continue to work with them and all teams around standards that benefit everyone as a whole.