Tezos Defi Hackathon

Tezos Defi Hackathon

In order to create more useful products for the growing Tezos ecosystem, we are conducting an online Tezos DeFi Hackathon. Our goal is to unite Tezos developers, bakers, and users in the post-Soviet countries.

Developers can bring their own idea to life and choose a challenge. They will also be able to get acquainted with Tezos Foundation, Tezos Commons, and TQ Tezos, as well as work with 12 professional mentors.

The hackathon’s prize pool is $15,000. We will distribute it among the winners in two categories: Own Idea and Challenges. The same team can only take one place in each category.

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Fantastic! I’m loving how much Tezos Ukraine has been involved lately. We’re happy to have you guys on board!


Tezos Ukraine is really setting a high standard here. Great job to everyone involved.

Hope to see it replicated in other regions too.