Tezos Domains: Delphinet Support

Tezos Domains: Delphinet Support

Now that Delphi has finished its testing period, we are back with a quick update about our support of the proposed protocol.

The dApp instance connecting to Delphinet is available at https://delphinet.tezos.domains/. Starting with Delphi, we will use a dedicated TLD for every testnet to avoid any confusion over which network any given domain belongs to. This means that for Delphinet, all registered domains will end with .delphi instead of .tez (which will remain reserved for mainnet).

We are aware that the Beacon browser extension currently does not work with Delphi. To connect, please use Thanos or direct connection to Ledger. Edit: We have deployed a fixed version.

Similarly to the dApp, a new API instance is available at https://delphinet-api.tezos.domains/ and the new smart contract addresses can be found in our updated documentation.

For more information about the project, the dApp, or the API, please check out our previous post.


Thanks to Pascal Brun from Papers who has reached to us, we found a quick hotfix for the Beacon browser extension issue. It should be available soon.