Tezos Domains: Direct offers, final preparations for DAO

Direct offers, final preparations for DAO

In this short update from Tezos Domains, we will look at the new secondary market feature — direct offers, September news, and updates.

Direct offers

One of the requested features from our community was direct offers — the ability to send an offer to buy another already claimed domain. Users who are subscribed to notifications will automatically receive direct offers to their email as well. We plan to improve the notifications in the future to allow more granular settings.

You can access all your offers on the dashboard.

September news and updates

Tezos Domains had a great September — 20 913 domains have been registered.

Total number of the Total Tezos Domains registered

We have onboarded our new Community Manager — Ethan. He is well known in the Tezos Domains community. Ethan already revamped the entire Tezos Domains Discord user experience. If you are not there — be sure to check it out Tezos Domains!

When DAO?

Final preparations are being made for Tezos Domains DAO. Legal entity (foundation) incorporation is in progress. We are on schedule to launch during Q4.


We want to thank Tezos Foundation for continuously supporting the project and making it possible.

About the team

The team at Agile Ventures has been working with Tezos since the early alphanet days. We have worked on numerous open-sourced projects focused on helping developers interact with the Tezos data. Currently, along with Tezos Domains, we are also working on an indexing framework for Tezos called Dappetizer.


Hello Andrew I have a question. Do you have plans to submit an ICANN application in the future to be a featured TLD that operates in DNS? I know its a hefty and costly process to get a TLD but why not dream big.

ENS on Ethereum is trying and there was a discussion on the ICANN meeting in Kuala Lumpur in September 2022. Pretty interesting to follow the development on this. Anyone interested can read the summary here

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Thanks for the link.

It is one of the points we want to look into further once DAO is established.
The main issue with ICANN is you are either censorship resistant (like ENS and Tezos Domains at the moment) or you are not.

I am not sure there is a way forward with the ICANN unless we want to change towards a centralized, regulated entity. At the very least, I think DAO would have to guarantee that all trademark infringements will be resolved. Other things, like taking down a domain because of the published content.

True the censorship resistant issue with ICANN is probably the biggest blocker. But I think its worth to get a connection/networking with ICANN and participate in their discussions like ENS did.