Tezos Ecosystem DAO grant proposal/request for Tezos Tip-Bot on Telegram

  1. Name:
    Trung Nguyen

  2. Email or contact method:
    Telegram : @JackDragoon

  3. Geographic location :
    Hanoi, Vietnam (VN)

  4. Are you applying on behalf of a company, or as an individual:
    Individual ( only me )

  5. Name of project or idea:
    Gonut - A Tezos Tipbot on Telegram.

  6. Detailed description of your project or idea and why you believe it deserves funding:
    Gonut was born to server community on telegram - a very popular cross-platform chat app. The idea of it is to make Tezos adoption faster with vast crypto communities here, where all memecoins or community-tokens are really popular in-use.

Tipping people is just a very 1st step of uniting every community together. Once they knows and take use of Gonut as a popular tipping tool, we can make swap feature to let communities exchange value through it.

Also, Telegram is just my very 1st platform to take experiment & discovery into the idea of tip-bot, once it work well, there could be more platforms to build upon its mechanism. As future version of Gonut could run on Tezos network instead of local hosting, and all other chat platforms could just be bridges or plugin to it.

  1. What type of background or experience do you have and your team have in building out a project like this:
    Well, me alone is just a typical programmer, with 10+ years in field of gaming, compiler & engine performance optimization. And I just come to learn Tezos SDK like an year ago. Nothing special, really.
    My github : thetrung (Nguyễn Thế Trung) · GitHub

  2. Social handles of project, if any:
    Not yet, by now DM me on Telegram or follow my Twitter.

  3. Funding amount being requested (please make sure the DAO treasury can currently support it, suggested range is 500–20,000 tez depending on project requirements and value):
    Only community can value Gonut.
    Awaiting the DAO to measure the potential valuation.
    Any amount to support Gonut development is much appreciated !

  4. Tez address to be funded (please verify accuracy):

  5. Proposed goals/GPIs to deliver for the requested funding:

Some estimations if I can really focus into it :

  1. Maintanance the Tipbot : cover runtime fees ( me, server, bandwitch, db … )
  2. Polish Gonut v1 : fixing all bugs & improve UX base on community feedbacks
  3. Add Feature : /call smart contract in-chat
  4. Add Feature : /swap assets in-chat
  5. Add Feature : /asset to aggregate all user assets
  6. Add Feature : /pools for liquidity pool related functions
  7. Build Gonut v2 : migrate backend to Tezos smart contract.

And many more, as long as community hint me :slight_smile:

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Useful little bot and I’d support funding it if the amount was lowered significantly. Just don’t think it’s worth 10k at this time.

Sure, feel free to lower my estimation.
We can discuss base on how everyone value this tool.


This bot is a very good idea :slight_smile: It could contribute to the adoption of Tezos while serving an already popular and value-added purpose.