Tezos flavored Tachyon: Payment Channels

IPX + XTZ = ?

This post was prompted by a request from a community member in the Tezos telegram.

Specifically, this user asked me (Tachyon team member and public facing nerd) If we would consider moving Tachyon to Tezos. I figure that a migration is pretty much out of the question-- engineers at VSYS have gone to great lengths to create an extremely light, fast and minimal payment channel mechanism that enables Tachyon users to pay Provider Nodes for VPN service every five megabytes.

Crucial to the systems effectiveness is its extreme simplicity.

Using this type of payment channel contract which lives entirely on the block chain instead of on a secondary network like lightning gives Tachyon a set of unique capabilities.

Then, I got to wondering about integration with Tezos, because I am indeed a fan.

Key Questions

  • Does Tezos support payment channels?
    • If yes, what are their characteristics?
  • How can we build a bridge/gateway between Tezos and V Systems blockchain networks?

There are probably many things I have missed here, and if you have any ideas about this, please e-mail me: