Tezos Improvement Proposal-999: Renaming to Santichain

Tezos Improvement Proposal-999: Renaming to Santichain


This proposal recommends rebranding Tezos to “Santichain,” with a new ticker “SNT,” inspired by the remarkable social media presence of the artist Santiago, known as @neymrqz on Twitter, who boasts a follower count six times greater than the daily active users on Tezos.


  1. Social Media Leverage: Santiago’s Twitter following vastly outnumbers Tezos’ daily user base. We’re pretty sure that’s a solid metric for blockchain success.
  2. Artist Endorsement: Santiago’s indirect endorsement could be interpreted as a cosmic sign for Tezos’ rebranding. Also, artists are cool.
  3. Humorous Appeal: Infusing a bit of humor into blockchain can make crypto less daunting and more approachable.


  1. Name Change to Santichain: Because when an artist does better on Twitter than a blockchain, it’s time to rethink strategy.
  2. Ticker Change to $SNT: We think it’s catchy, and frankly, it’s time for a refresh.
  3. Documentation Update: With a hint of humor, because who doesn’t love a good laugh while reading technical docs?
  4. Community Communication: A blend of information, wit, and perhaps a meme or two.


Choosing “Santichain” as the new name is a nod to Santiago’s impressive Twitter stats. We believe that if you can’t beat them, join them—or in this case, name a blockchain after them.

Backward Compatibility

This change is cosmetic, sort of like changing your profile picture to something funnier. Technically everything remains the same.

Test Cases

Not applicable, unless testing how many chuckles this proposal gets.


The implementation will involve a bit of humor, some serious marketing, and ensuring all technical aspects reflect the new, slightly more amusing, branding.

Proposed Timeline

  1. Announcement: On a day when Twitter engagement is particularly high.
  2. Community Feedback Period: Enough time for everyone to appreciate the humor.
  3. Final Decision and Implementation: Ideally on a day when Santiago tweets about it.
  4. Official Renaming: On a date that’s easy to remember, like maybe April 1st.


In conclusion, this proposal suggests renaming Tezos to Santichain and adopting the ticker “$SNT” as a humorous, yet strategic move to align with the impressive social media presence of the artist Santiago (@neymrqz). Let’s ride the wave of his Twitter fame, shall we?