Tezos L2

Hi folks,

I’m trying to catalog here different L2 scaling implementations for Tezos that are in the works. I tried searching in google and also this forum, but couldn’t find much. Just found the marigold project, but couldn’t find much updates on it. Is zkchannels also an off-chain scaling solution for Tezos?

Please post the project you are working on with the following details
Project name
Description(restrict to a max of 150-200 characters):
Project link(github/website/etc.)
Targeted TPS.
Does it include scaling Smart contract calls?


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Hi, yes zkChannels is a layer 2 solution with as much TPS as you will ever need.

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bolt labs have developed /are developing zk state channels on top of Tezos.
I’m certain I have heard of other projects, but I haven’t looked into them.

There is(?) plasma on Tezos

Obviously Marigold

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