Tezos Notifier Bot - Telegram Bot for Tezos Blockchain

1. Name:
TezosNotifierBot - Telegram & Medium bot for Tezos Blockchain - Telegram: Contact @TezosNotifierBot

2. Email or contact method:

3. Geographic location:
Tbilisi, Georgia

4. Are you applying on behalf of a company, or as an individual:

5. If company, provide company name and website:
Not a company

6. Name of project or idea:
Tezos Notifier Bot (Telegram: Contact @TezosNotifierBot) notifies users about transactions and other events in the Tezos blockchain.

7. Detailed description of your project or idea and why you believe it deserves funding:
I think everyone knows TezosNotifierBot, at least Bakers :slight_smile: This is one of the most used community tool in Tezos Ecosystem - we have around 6,000 active users and 9,000 addresses in monitoring. All bakers are using TezosNotifier to monitor their addresses. Also, there are a lot of other functions in the bot making it super useful for any user - it is a kinda explorer in your pocket.
Unfortnetely, we don’t have any funding for past 2 years, but the bot still requires some support and improvements because TezosNotifier is a complex tool.

8. What type of background or experience do you have and your team have in building out a project like this:
This is the best monitoring bot in the crypto space build by our team :slight_smile:

9. Social handles of project, if any:

10. Funding amount being requested (please make sure the DAO treasury can currently support it, suggested range is 500–20,000 tez depending on project requirements and value):

  • 1,000 - we will be happy to have at least this amount to pay infrastructure and support the bot, but we are always happy to receive more - this will motivate us to improve the bot, not only support.

11. Tez address to be funded (please verify accuracy):

12. Proposed goals/GPIs to deliver for the requested funding:
Infrastructure payments, ongoing support


Great tool! I use it often myself, as do many in the community :+1:

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