Tezos Pepe DAO Configuration Change Proposal - Debating Open

  • Stake Required to Propose

  • 500000 locked PEPE

  • Change to:

  • 69420 locked PEPE

Reason being that the Proposal fee is too high for the people in Tezos Pepe DAO.
Also the required stake of 69420 is a magical number which will increase PEPE DAO energy.


Makes sense to me. Important to have good memementals and its too high.


This also makes sense to me, since the value has increased since it was set up. Like the number too!

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I agree to low it but downgrade from 500k to 69k is a bit too much.
Right now 500k pepe$ is 132$, if we want the proposal to cost less than 100$ we could lower the proposal fee to 300k, which is 80$ at the current change rate.

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We could just increase the burn fee if a proposal is denied. We could look to do a 75/25 split. 75% is returned on a failed proposal with 25% being sent to the DAO.

With the price appreciation, if it continues then 69,420 could become just right in a matter of weeks. I just don’t want us wasting too much time trying to make the proposal entry price perfect on a token that is highly speculative and still in price discovery.

69420 for the memes and a 75/25 split. If the price is too low to stop people from spamming proposals, then that Pepe will just head to the DAO.

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69 returned is probably the best. its like a consolation prize.

its a good point, perhaps the stakes would be too low as you suggest. 300k could make sense.

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tho balds point about keeping it at a target range for future price increase and then just adjusting the return amount makes sense too.

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Good idea.

What if we take this month as first test phase and see how many proposal we get?
Right now Homebase is also a tool in discovery, many people don’t truly know how it work, the idea is using this first period to educate users about it, maybe we will see a decent proposal in a few days!

We still have 1 day and half left to wait until the proposal become effective, we’ve already reached the treshold! 19 user voted yes, what if we prepare a sort of POAP for the voters? This can create interest in the community to keep an eye on the homebase :wink:

This was a healthy discussion. Thank you for partaking everyone.

I hope good success for the Tezos Pepe.

Onward to more important things.

Pepe Community ARB bot that burns the ARB in tx fees before it grows and an automated arbitrator comes and scoops it up.