Tezos Push Notification Service (TzPing) Beta is out!

TzPing is a blockchain protocol that gives you services to communicate with your users in a decentralized way. Either you are a company, DApp, Baker, or anyone who wants their users to stay up to date with your service or protocol updates, TzPing is for you.

Anyone can create their channel on TzPing and can send notifications to their users if the user has subscribed to that channel. (To create a channel in Beta release contact admin) Notifications on TzPing are decentralized. The content of the notification is not controlled by anyone. Channels can send anything they want their users to know and users can choose that which channels’ notification they want to receive or not.

Current Channels
TzPing currently has 4 channels and the list is growing.
Tezotopia marketplace and Diplomats is one of the first channel on TzPing. Subscribers of these channels recieve push notifications when someone buys there NFTs.

Subter.io partnered with TzPing to push notifications for its upcoming messaing Protocol on tezos.

Backed by TZAPAC and Tezos India.
TzPing has received Ecosystem Growth Grant (EGG) from TZAPAC.

If you are a Protocol/Baker looking to provide notification for your users directly from smart contract or with our admin panel. Fill out this form and Create a channel on TzPing - TzPing

Checkout the DApp at https://app.tzping.com/
Learn more about the protocol and How it works - https://tzping.com/
Read the Litepaper - TzPing
Twitter - https://twitter.com/tzpingtezos
Telegram - Telegram: Contact @TzPing_Announcements