Tezos Python libraries

hi team, I am seeing smartpy , pytezos , conseilpy libraries for python development in Tezos. But can anyone help in explaining the pros and cons of the above libraries so that it will help in choosing the appropriate one for developing dapps.



  • It offers a powerful test framework that you can use to unit test most of the functionalities;
  • It provides a great variety of templates that users can use to learn or bootstrap their projects;
  • Supports 99% of the features;
  • Has an online IDE that you can use to test and deploy your contracts;
  • It offers meta-programming capabilities, which is very helpful for creating configurable contracts.
  • The most used smart contracts were written with SmartPy; SmartPy Contract Metrics
  • It has a great community;
  • You can get a lot of support in the telegram channel and Stack Exchange;


  • The way variables are declared is not very “pythonic”, but we are improving it.
var = sp.local("var", 0) # instead of var = 0
  • IDE integration is not great yet, but nothing blocking.
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There is also a new thing called Pymich : pyratzlabs / pymich · GitLab (might be more pythonic than SmartPy)
Check out the Pro/Cons thread: https://twitter.com/bilalelalamy/status/1402013360615481345?s=20