Tezos Reward Distributor (TRD) v11.0 Lima - Development Overview

We (the TRD maintainers) would like to inform the community, especially the bakers, about a new TRD Release v11.0. This release is scheduled in accordance with the TRD grant milestone plan as well as the activation of the Lima protocol. Due to the high relevance of the topic, you can find instructions here about how TRD can be used to send funds to the community-driven donation contracts supporting Ukraine or use it as a template to donate to any other address.

The last official release was in March 2022 with a stable release for the Hangzhou protocol. A release tag for the new consensus algorithm Tenderbake in the Ithaca protocol was postponed until all data provider backends were functional again. It is gratifying that the open-source tool is being further developed by developers all over the world and that the compensation with tez is done via a multi-sig wallet depending on the effort spent. The guidelines for the contribution can of course be used as a blueprint for other Tezos open source projects.


The list of maintainers remains unchanged but we had contributions from several individuals like Vladimir and our new StakeNow developer Ryan Vermooten.

Again, we would like to ask that especially larger bakers allocate more resources to TRD. Due to the regular protocol upgrades, TRD must be also continuously adapted and the support of smart contracts is a tricky business to do right. The last milestone of our current grant has passend and the remaining funds in the multi-sig contract will be used for individual contributions. Afterwards the maintainers will apply for a new grant in the same way as before in Q3 2023. Please contact the us via the Baking Slack #trd channel to support us with the proposal.

Here is an overview of the features for version v11.0:

Additional Features:

  • Attention: TZSTATS data provider has been reactivated in #610 . An API feature had been deprecated which has been re-introduced in summer for TRD.
  • Add min_payment_amt configuration option to allow setting minimum payment amount in #613 .
  • Additional option for –dry_run to run with or without signer. See –help.
  • Extended safety check to avoid usage of master branch after 31.03.2023 due to Mumbai transition.
  • Packages are available HERE.

Breaking Changes:

  • Deprecated –dry_run_no_consumers in #631 .


  • Fixed a bug for simulation errors for kt accounts regarding uncaught exceptions.
  • Fixed too early disk size warning.
  • Fixed consumed_gas calculation after Kathmandu upgrade.
  • Adjust fee computation logic for Ithaca and Jakarta.
  • Tenderbake compatible.
  • Increased test coverage.
  • Updated python to 3.10.8 .
  • Added pre-commit hooks.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Code cleanups.