Tezos Reward Distributor (TRD) v8.0 Delphi - Development Overview

We (TRD maintainers) would like to inform the community especially the bakers about a new TRD release. There have been many changes in the development of the TRD since the grant was awarded by the Tezos Foundation. Many new features have been added and some are planned. It is gratifying that the open-source tool is being further developed by developers all over the world and that the compensation with Tez is done via a multi-sig wallet depending on the effort spent.

Here is an overview of the features for version 8.0:

Plugin System
The TRD uses now a plugin style subsystem for sending out payment notifications. Currently, Email, Telegram, Twitter, and Webhook is supported. Some plugins may require additional libraries that are not installed with TRD. Please take a look at the example config and the documentation.

Dexter Support
The TRD is able to support Dexter liquidity pool payouts. Therefore, TRD users would be able to participate as Dexter liquidity pool bakers. For now, it will work in combination with tzstats only. Please make sure to have a commercial license agreement with Blockwatch. We did also open an issue in the TzKT GitHub because we didn’t want a vendor break (RPC and TzKT). Hopefully, the feature will be also available with RPC only in the next couple of months.

Frozen Payouts with TzKT
Some bakers are paying out frozen rewards. This functionality was only possible with -P tzstats. Now users can also use this functionality with TzKT. This feature is also interesting for bakers before major protocol upgrades. For example, we decided to distribute the rewards slightly before the Delphi upgrade with command python3 src/main.py -C 291 -R -1 -P tzkt -M 3 -V -D.

More consistent logging
--syslog and --log-file options are added. There are now two log files, one for regular usage and the other for troubleshooting with verbose information. Syslog is especially useful if you running the TRD in daemon mode.

We did some code cleanups and increased robustness in edge cases. Several bugs were fixed and improvements were made. You can find the list of merged pull requests here.

Additional Information
Please make sure to install the required modules before launching the TRD with pip3 install -r requirements.txt in the TRD directory. The Fee.ini file has been adjusted accordingly (fee=574, storage_limit=65, gas_limit=3230) due to the Delphi Upgrade. Please note that is are empirical values. We might go even lower. We will also publish a series of articles describing the functionalities of TRD from A-Z in the near future.

Since we got the grant, there was also another release 7.0 and we would also like to sum-up the added features here:

  • Improved tzstats provider by up to 50x (with the help of A. Eichhorn)
  • Added TzKT as additional provider (added by the Baking Bad Team)
  • Added new run mode for retrying payments
  • Check balance and warn the user in case of insufficient funds (also by email)
  • Automatically retry payments in unattended mode
  • Extended tests for unattended mode
  • Allow deleting lock file at runtime
  • Anonymous statistics work again - see documenation
  • Improved error messages and introduced several pre-checks
  • Fixed several bugs and made improvements.

You can find the list of merged pull requests for v.7.0 here.

Have fun trying out!
habanoz (TezosLand), Krixt/utdrmac (Baking Tacos), jdsika (StakeNow), amzid (StakeNow), dansan566 (StakeNow)


You go a great job thank you!