Tezos Ukraine presents Tezos Giga Node

We’re happy to announce on behalf of Everstake, Bake’n’Rolls and Tezos Ukraine that https://tezos.org.ua/#infrastructure public node infrastructure has its own name, website and branding – Tezos Giga Node!

For node list and other information please visit: https://tezos.giganode.io

We will continue to maintain both https://tezos.org.ua/#infrastructure and https://tezos.giganode.io Tezos public nodes! Take your time to migrate to our new addresses, there is no rush at all.

As always we remain deeply committed to supporting Tezos network by developing a variety of useful tools and extending public infrastructure that boosts Tezos mass adoption.


You are doing a realy a great job!!!


Thank you! WeAreTezos :wink: