TezosJump - Browser Game. Build, Play with friends

  1. Hello, my name is Maxim Beridev, I am 29 years old, and I live in Russia, Saint Petersburg. I am involved in game development for social networks.

  2. Email or contact method: beridevmaxim@gmail.com

  3. Russia, St. Petersburg

  4. I am applying as an individual.

  5. TezosJump - a platformer and game creation system with multiplayer mode in the browser. The main idea is to create game scenes from a set of assets in the catalog. You can place blocks with earth, sand, ice, magma, mud, and so on. In addition to blocks, you will have the ability to place various types of NPC, springboard platforms, moving platforms, customize the physical properties of any* asset, set up spikes/obstacles, place checkpoints, doors to transition to new scenes, and choose biomes.

Funding amount being requested: 5500 XTZ
Tez address to be funded: tz1VAoBJgepFbZqYseaLqhsCUgLMEVceoZZz

We have a ready technical video demonstration uploaded on YouTube.


Currently, the project is being worked on by two people, myself and my partner.

TezosJump will allow everyone to create their unique adventure.

Web3 Part:

Every game level created by you is an NFT. Creating and testing levels is free
minting is paid and will cost between 30 and 100 XTZ depending on the size of your scene.
The ability to play any of the levels on objkt.com.
Some exclusive assets will also be presented as NFTs.

Proposed goals/GPIs to deliver for the requested funding:
Stage-by-stage steps and action plan:

Game Level Editor and the Game Itself:

  • Adding assets for various biomes.
  • The ability to choose one of 10 characters.
  • Adding a health-bar, checkpoints, doors to transition between scenes.
  • Adding bots to the asset catalog. Bots will be presented as NPCs for conveying information from the level creator to the player or as NPC the player must defeat on the way to the finish.
  • Some changes to the user interface.
  • Adding Peer to Peer multiplayer.
  • Leaderboard with player completion times for each level.

Timeline: 6 to 8 weeks.

Social Media:

  • Creating an X.com account, attracting an audience through hashtags, posts demonstrating the construction mode, and gameplay. An advantage here is that every created game level is a unique creation.
  • Creating a Discord community.

Project Launch:

  • Developing the main website page with an overview of all levels.
  • Hosting a contest for the best game level with 10 prize positions.
  • Timeline: 2 to 4 weeks.

If the application is approved, the funds will be allocated to the stages described above, as well as to sustain ourselves during the process to fully dedicate ourselves to this project.

Before and after creating social media accounts, project updates will be posted in this thread at least twice a week.

Additional information:
We are aware of the existence of Pepe DAO, and we will definitely create a Pepe frog as one of the playable characters.


I really like this proposal. Being able to build and sell maps on OBJKT is such an interesting idea

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Today, we will present a video demonstration of the first fully-fledged game level created using the editor. In the editor, we will add checkpoints, dynamic sprites, a health bar, and a background image.

Let’s clarify some details about the project:
TezosJump will offer everyone the opportunity to create their own unique adventure using assets from our catalog. Some of the assets we currently use are sourced from the itch.io website.

Added Jump blocks
First enemy character added
Checkpoints added
Health bar added
Character damage reception improved

Slime attacks - test

We continue development, voicing some thoughts.

  • We plan to send 10% of personal income to the Tezos Ecosystem DAO to support the fund and new builders, as well as 5% of the resale of each token.

What we want to add:

  • The ability to create up to 3 different scenes.
  • Teleportation between scenes using doors.
  • The ability to choose a background image for each of the scenes.

Added background image with parallax effect.

Created a Twitter account: https://twitter.com/TezosJumpCom

The alpha version of the game level editor is available at https://alpha.tezosjump.com
Try creating your own adventure.

Edit: Removed the light theme

Love the idea that everyone can create Maps. Would be really cool if people could create & sell maps as NFTs.

This looks cool!

  • Acquired the domain tezosjump.tez.

Game updates:

  • Added the ability to connect a wallet using Beacon.
  • Currently working on a level gallery.
  • Implemented level saving and editing.
  • Planning to add a unique visits counter for each level.
  • Planning to introduce a leaderboard displaying the time taken by each player to complete a level from start to finish.

Once I finish creating preview images for the levels, the update will be available on alpha.tezosjump.com
I have three ideas on how to implement this, but I’m still contemplating.

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Such a game is awesome. Very flexible and interesting for me.

I read somewhere in Discord that this project was abondoned on Tezos, because it was not able to get a funding due to TF restrictions.

Please DM me, we might have a alternative funding for it.

I’m always on the lookout for new games, and this seems like it could be a lot of fun. For example, I am now achieving some success bingo for money game. I like the process and what I can get as a prize. The addition of assets for different biomes and the ability to choose from 10 characters sound like a great way to keep things fresh and exciting. The social media and community-building aspects are crucial for getting the word out, and I love how you’re planning to host a contest for the best game level. It’s a fantastic way to engage the community.

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