TezPay: Paris & Adaptive Issuance announcements

Tez Capital: TezPay Paris & Adaptive Issuance announcements

:warning: If you are running TezPay in continual mode, the activation of Paris protocol stopped your payments. You’ll have to (update* and) relaunch TezPay in continual mode again. Note that continual payments will be stopped again, as a TezPay safety feature, when Adaptive Issuance activates on ~June 19th.

:warning: All TezPay users have until ~June 21st to update* to at least 0.14.1-beta in order to properly support delegation payments with Adaptive Issuance activated. If you do not update, your delegators who are also stakers may be paid more than they’re supposed to.

*How to update TezPay: How to Update | docs.tez.capital