Dear TezPay users, please take the time to go down through the very important bullet points below regarding baker payments to delegators during the transitional Paris/AI cycles. There are some time sensitive items that must be acted on before payments for cycle 751 go out.

:information_source: When using the 0.15.x-beta version of TezPay to pay Cycles 748-750, it resulted in a ~10% (per cycle) underpayment to delegators.

:warning: Going forward bakers must use TezPay 0.16.1-beta or newer for pay cycles 751+! This version contains a fix to delegator underpayment issue for cycles 748-750.

:open_book: How to update TezPay: How to Update | docs.tez.capital

:no_entry_sign: Do not pay cycles older than 748 using TezPay 0.16.1-beta. If you must pay older cycles, use the latest 0.15.*-beta version of TezPay, which you can keep in your tezpay folder alongside the latest version for payments going forward (cycle 751+). :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign:

:question: How do I make up the ~10% missed in cycle 748-750 payments to my delegators?

:white_check_mark: We have released a TezPay extension to address this issue here: tezpay/extension/official/payout-fixer at 0.16.1-beta · tez-capital/tezpay · GitHub. To use this extension, follow the instructions within the repo. When you’re done making up the payments, remove the extension from your tezpay configuration. Make sure that you’re using this extension with the "payout-fixer version of TezPay available here Release 0.16.1-beta · tez-capital/tezpay · GitHub

Questions? Comments? Contact us in our Discord or Telegram for fastest response.

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