The 4th and the final 5th lesson of the "Introduction to Tezos" course is available on our website!

We are happy to announce the fourth and final fifth lesson of the “Introduction to Tezos” training course!

The course consists of 5 lessons, each covers one of the technology area. The lessons are available in Russian, Ukrainian and English in a form of Keynote and YouTube video.

Part 4. Smart Contracts

The fourth part of the course is fully dedicated to Smart Contracts:

– Smart Contracts, as well as the principle of their work

– Michelson (Stack language, static typing, types, syntax, data structures)


– SmartPy

Smart-contracts, as well as the principle of their work:

  1. Definition and overview


  1. Stack language
  2. Static typing
  3. Types, syntax
  4. Data structures


  1. Intro
  2. Analysis of practical examples


  1. Technical overview
  2. Integers and natural numbers
  3. Addition, Multiplication, and Subtraction
  4. Division
  5. Logical types

Part 5. Useful resources

Lesson 5 is the final one of the course. This part provides a list of useful resources and links.

We would like to thank everyone for taking this course and hope this is useful to you. If you have any ideas or suggestions on improving the course or would like to see a particular subject highlighted in the future, just drop us a line at or join our Telegram