The Factori tool: Introduction & Tutorial

Functori is thrilled to announce Factori, a tool for developing and testing Tezos smart contracts.

With Factori, we aim at automating tedious tasks to let developers concentrate their efforts on the logic & code of their smart contracts while automatically (re-)generating the code of interface libraries, crawlers, basic web forms, etc.

Please, find more details in our first blog post & tutorial dedicated to Factori: Functori

Factori is an open-source project granted by the Tezos Foundation and released under the MIT license. The code is hosted on Gitlab at functori / dev / Factori · GitLab. Feedback & contributions are, of course, welcome.

About Functori.
We are a team of engineers with deep knowledge in Blockchain technology, in particular Tezos, functional programming, and formal methods. We participate in the core development (e.g. Tenderbake, Rollups), smart contracts (eg. Ownera) and backend (e.g. Rarible/Ubisoft) development, and smart contracts audit (e.g. FlameDeFi, SpicySwap, Dogami). We also develop open-source tools & libraries like Crawlori (a smart contracts crawler), Mligo (a PPX that translates smart contracts from OCaml syntax to Camligo), TzFunc (an OCaml taquito-like library to interact with Tezos), and Factori.