The Q4 Messari Report about Tezos missing so much stuff

State of Tezos Q4 2022:

The tweet from Nick Garcia:

The tweet from Messari:

First, its great to have these reports as they give Tezos a platform and more people outside can discover it. I suppose they are paid reports and hope this will continue at least for this year!

BUT… there is several data missing. Especially in the DeFi section, this seems not well researched. Unfortunately! It seems that Tezos Dapps and provide better accurate data than in the report. How is that possible? Is someone in contact with messari and exchange feedback to improve?

It seems that the previous Q reports were similar in quality of the DeFi section research. This needs to change. They have not mentioned any stuff above Salsa dao, Juster ,TDC, Plenty, Artdex, Signum or Liquidity Baking… or 3Route!!!

If someone will read the report, there is nothing interesting for them to take action except it’s the same about NFTs.

The reports are a great opportunity to reach a wider audience but they need to show complete data.
Take as comparison the report from Avax so you will see what I mean.

If someone has a contact to Nicholas Garcia or Messari please forward this feedback! :slight_smile:


Hi - Nick Garcia here from Messari.

Thanks a ton for the feedback. This is extremely helpful! I have gone ahead an updated the report per the community’s feedback.

The report now uses TzKT DeFi metrics, discusses key protocols, highlights why the DeFi ecosystem has lagged, and highlights upcoming projects which will fuel the next leg of growth.

Thanks again and please continue to share feedback so we can ensure the best and most accurate Tezos information is reported.


Wow, thank you very much for joining here and replying @nickgarcia_messari !! This is very much appreciated! :slight_smile: Great to see this kind of rection, I will definitely go over the updated report!

So again thank you Nick and just so you know your work is great and its awesome to see that feedback is heared. Wish you all the best!

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