The Science of Blockchain Conference 2023

The The Science of Blockchain Conference 2023 is happening at Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University in Aug 28 - 30, 2023. Link

I think it would be very beneficial to see some "made by"Tezos technical innovations there!

There is a call for papers:

It is a great chance to present the innovative scaling solution of Rollups there, there is the dedicated topic of interest: (tagging @d4hines & @NomadicLabs )

Also another one would be flashbake that could be a fit in the topic of interest for MEV (tagging @nicolasochem ):

I also know that Tezos is strong on the formal verification topic so thats here too:

The conference focuses on technical innovations in the blockchain ecosystem, and brings together researchers and practioners working in the space. We are interested in the application of cryptography, decentralized protocols, formal methods, and empirical analysis, to improving the security and scalability of blockchain deployments. We aim to foster collaboration among practitioners and researchers working on blockchain protocol development, cryptography, distributed systems, secure computing, crypto-economics, and economic risk analysis.

Would be great to get some Tezos representation there :slight_smile:


Would be great to see technical contributors from the community participate in this! We all know Tezos has a lot to contribute in these areas. :slight_smile:


I believe this is an academic conference. I once made the mistake of showing up to an academic conference on Datalog and logic programming, not knowing the difference between that and a “programmer conference”. It was an ice-cold dunk into the deep end of the pool (“Uhhh, which way to the 20-min ‘Getting started with Datalog’ talk’? Oh, you, that’s not a thing? Ok, I guess I’ll attend your talk on ‘Polynomial Datalog Rewritings for Ontology Mediated Queries with Closed Predicates’ :sob:”). Very rewarding though!

Nonetheless, Tezos is a great place for scientists! If you want your ideas to see the light of day in other ecosystems, you have to write your own paper, design your own L1 or L2, get VC funding, build all of it, and ship it. On Tezos, if you’ve developed a good idea, you can just write an ammendment, and in a few months it can ship to millions of users (or, as of Mumbai, just write your own L2).

I have nothing I can teach blockchain scientists (though I love for them to teach me!) but I’d be happy to advocate for them to bring their work to Tezos.

That said, Tezos does have a small army of real blockchain scientists, especially at @NomadicLabs, who could perhaps present their research, which would be cool as well.


Tezos is far behind on the topic of MEV. We have much to learn but not much to share.

I think the most interesting Tezos topic to present at this conference would be aPlonk and Epoxy.