The Winner Tez It All: Crypto Lottery with Social Gamification


As part of the Tezos Hackathon on Gitcoin, we’ve built a smart contract lottery app that I’m sharing here:

Current state & quick explanation
Anyone can bid a certain amount of tezos and if no-one outbids you for 24 hours, you can claim the whole pot. Right now, there are 2.56 tezos in the pot (from various bidders) so anyone who bids more than 2.56 tezos and is not outbid during 24h can claim the whole 2.56 tezos.

The idea was to play with gamification and financial incentives to potentially create a viral lottery. The more money lands in the pot, the more people will be incentivised to outbid the current winner… Right now we’re at around 10$, but who knows where it can go.

Open source
Everything is open-source of course. The code for the web app can be found here: and the code for the smart contract here: KT1QoP1k..txcDBT on

Total pot in the contract is now around 40$ :slight_smile: