There seems to be a confusion about block time with Tenderbake


over the last few months I often saw the talk in reddit, discord, twitter, telegram that with Tenderbake we can get 1s block times. Now with Idiazabalnet released it seems that blocktime is still 30s? I tried to find more information and read the docs but cant find any specific info about it.

Here is no mention about it for example: Nomadic Labs - A look ahead to Tenderbake

And here people talking about faster blocks:-

Will blocktime stay at 30s? Is it possible with Tenderbake to get faster blocktimes in future upgrades? If not why?

I believe maybe a blogpost in regards block time speed or a short explainer what the problems to achieve faster ones are would erase most false information at this point.


I think this answer a while ago is still valid: Block time < 15 seconds - #9 by eugenz

The short answer to your questions:

  • The block times will most probably stay at 30s in the protocol proposal I.
  • The block times do not depend on the consensus algorithm (so on Tenderbake) alone, but rather on the functioning of the node as a whole. Work is being done to allow for smaller block times.

Thank you for the thread link very interesting. So why is there such a big amount of wrong takes about it?

Smart contract platform Tezos has confirmed that it is trialing a new form of Tezos revealed that Tenderbake was capable of shorter block times.

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