TheTezosCommunity Hubpage: Community-sourced Tezos Event Calendar

1. Name: TheTezosCommunity (TTC)

2. Email or contact info:

3. Geographic location: Norway, Portugal, Germany and Scotland

4. Are you applying on behalf of a company, or as an individual: The TTC core team is applying on behalf of TTC

5. If company, provide company name and website: TheTezosCommunity,

6. Name of project or idea: The HubPage, another platform in TheTezosCommunity spirit

7. Detailed description of your project or idea and why you believe it deserves funding:

TTC was established in May 2022 in response to the absence of a HUB in the fragmented Tezos community. Since then, TTC has created neutral and inclusive platforms on Discord and X to fill this gap. These platforms serve as a meeting ground for Tezos enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, where individuals gather to share insights, collaborate, access information, and seamlessly integrate into the Tezos ecosystem. Our guiding principle is “StrongerTogether,” and we believe this proposal will address existing gaps and strengthen the overall cohesion of the Tezos community.

TTC is extending its community-driven initiatives to a third platform,, also known as “The HubPage”. This platform will utilize, integrate, and showcase existing Tezos resources such as tools and services already available for the community to use. Additionally, we aim to develop new resources that we believe are currently lacking in the ecosystem.

Thanks to the volunteer work and effort of some TTC members, along with the advancement of certain bootstrapping costs, TTC has successfully built an MVP with a functional Community-Sourced Events Calendar. This initiative aims to enhance coordination and awareness within the Tezos Blockchain community. Further development is planned in the coming years based on community needs and available resources.

TTC Community-Sourced Events Calendar

A one-stop platform for discovering and submitting Tezos-related events, aggregates information on ongoing, upcoming, and past Tezos events.

The MVP is available at


  • Ongoing / Upcoming Events: events happening now or scheduled

  • Daily and Monthly Calendar Views: different visualization options for easy navigation and event discoverability

  • Calendar Archive: a trip down memory lane

  • Events Category/Tag View: enables users to easily navigate and discover all events from specific categories and tags

  • Events Submission Page: enables everyone to submit Tezos-related events along with all the relevant information. Submissions are monitored and moderated by TTC.

  • Integration with Google Calendar and iCal/Outlook export

  • Social share

Why we need funds?

All human resources are volunteer-based, but TTC needs to cover infrastructure costs (domain, hosting, email service) and acquire all the needed licenses and subscriptions, including calendar and other core operational WordPress plugins to build the Hubpage. We also need funds to improve TTC’s other platforms, like Nitro and bots for Discord, and a Premium subscription on X.

With these funds we aim to equip its team of volunteers with tools to streamline operations and amplify impact for a more meaningful difference on all platforms.

Requesting funds for a two-year period allows for a longer commitment to the project, which can help ensure its sustainability. It gives the project team, composed entirely of volunteers, more time to develop and grow the project and to build relationships with the community.

8. What type of background or experience do you and your team have in building out a project like this:

The TTC team brings together a diverse range of expertise, including:

  • Management and project leadership

  • Community management and engagement

  • Backend development and technical proficiency

  • Customer service and support

  • Finance and management

This combined expertise positions the team effectively to execute the HubPage project and achieve its goals. Individuals within the team have been actively engaged in Tezos since its initial coin offering (ICO) and have provided substantial assistance to numerous Tezos projects, gaining recognition within the community.

9. Social handles of project, if any: @TheTezos; Discord: TheTezosCommunity

10. Funding amount being requested: 2750 tez

11. Tez address to be funded (please verify accuracy): tz2EUKZsvv2ksmkPXnvAwfcwA49ADkSWj7hC

12. Proposed goals/GPIs to deliver for the requested funding (funding may be broken into two tranches, with final half distributed after some proven deliverables)

The HubPage - Community-Sourced Events Calendar

  • Continuously improve the Events Calendar based on community engagement, feedback, and needs, adding or enabling additional features like Featured Events, Maps, Notifications, and Event Galleries.

  • Implement an improved event submission workflow, giving trusted/frequent contributors access to extended features (media attachments, event gallery, direct publishing).

  • Onboard more community moderators and contributors, providing them access to user-friendly interfaces.

The HubPage - Tezos News Aggregator

Develop a simple Tezos News Aggregator, curating the latest news, updates, and insights from across the Tezos ecosystem in the next phase.

The HubPage - Other Features

  • SEO improvements: Enhancements to improve search engine visibility and attract more visitors to the Hubpage.

  • Improve Social Share features: Improved social sharing functionality to amplify the reach of Tezos content and engage a wider audience.

TTC X and TTC Discord outreach and workflow efficiency

Enhance TTC’s reach and engagement on X by crafting richer and more comprehensive content with Enhanced Threads. Leverage features such as Advanced Analytics to gain valuable insights into our audience. Increase the follower count to effectively showcase the recent and general developments taking place on Tezos to a wider audience.

Expand the user base of the TTC Discord server by enhancing community engagement. TTC Discord, being community-sourced as well, seeks to augment the range of services provided to members and other projects utilizing the TTC server as their dedicated discord platform. Additionally, we want to focus on refining community-building initiatives and introduce other server features to enhance the overall user experience.


TheTezosCommunity and the TTC team are a dedicated platform and community that is fully committed to advancing the growth of the Tezos ecosystem. Through the creation of unified, informative, and collaborative platforms, we firmly believe that we are contributing significantly to the progress of Tezos. The funding we are seeking will empower us to fulfill these objectives, ultimately benefiting the entire Tezos ecosystem.


This is one of the clearest YES votings so far for me.

TTC has formed a community of over 1000 Discord members and followers on Twitter. Everything done so far was voluntary by the team.

The amount requested is fairly low. Risk is also very low as there is a already fully functional MVP on the website.


What to say more, you said everything. TTC is unvaluable, that’s a tremendous job.


Great proposal with very useful and necessary tools to the entire Tezos Community.


Great proposal! TTC does a lot of good work in the community and def. deserve some funds to cover infrastructure cost :blush: :+1:


Really nice project/MVP. Its a yes from me to fund this

Possible suggestion, if not already something you do. Maybe automate tweets to give a short description of “Whats on today” tied to the new calendar. Maybe run it off a separate dedicated twitter account so people can turn notifications on for it only


Thank you very much for the support. That’s a great suggestion and definitely something we want to add.


Just sent 50XTZ. Thank you!!!


Thank you :blue_heart:
Your generous support is what makes us #StrongerTogether!


We started by just tweeting at this X profile @TezosEvents everytime a new event is published. The events “daily digest” will come later.


This a great team which is constantly looking for ways to support the Tezos community. This hub is going to be extremely useful for the Tezos community and should be supported in anyway possible.


thanks for the support :slight_smile:

TTC is here to Stay. Doing Amazing Job on the Crypto Space this Grant will Surely go a long way . So YES!!!

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TY for supporting TTC!

Let’s make this great together! No time to stop let’s gooo


Always had trouble finding upcoming Tezos events, but thanks to the calendar, I won’t have that problem anymore.


That is the idea! And I saw you already submitted one too! TY

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That’s right! Retro’s space was a cool one.


Great proposal for an already awesome community in the Tezos space!