What exactly is the story of TZIP-11?

The TZIP main repository has a name for it, “Contract Specification Schema”, and i can’t find nothing else. Even between others WIP TZIPs, this is the only one without any information at all besides the name and date of creation (2020-01-10).

The Git history shows nothing relevant either (HERE)

I have also made a question over stackexchange, with no success (HERE

So… What happened?
Was it ever written? Cancelled for some reason? Where can i find more information about it?

And what is most weird to me, is it normal for a TZIP to have a designated number without a content? No draft at all?

Sorry for the double post, but i kept looking and got nothing. No info at all about TZIP-11, no merge requests, no branches…

I think my question is: Is this something normal and/or acceptable to happen in the TZIP process? Part of the process, in some way? Will we see more of it?
(TZIPs that is WIP with a title, date and nothing else)

Or is this something that deserves a small review on TZIP-1? EIPs gets a number only after a draft, for example. At least the header for the new TZIP should be posted with the new directory, so everyone can at least know what’s about and who’s working on it.
It’s also weird to keep a project as WIP indefinitely.