TZIP - account abstraction

Some folks are pushing for Account abstraction on Tezos (
Ii is trendy topic on Ethereum (What is Account Abstraction? ERC-4337 Explained [2023])
Some initiative have been done like TzSafe (

I wonder if one of the use case called “UserOperation” can just be done simply but authorizing Tezos Implicit account to forge tickets. Today, only contracts can forge tickets but what prevents tickets to not be forged by Implicit account ?
If this is technically possible then here is the flow :

  • User forge a “transaction” object inside a ticket and send it to a Smart Contract.
  • If condition are met (i.e owner is authorized) then the smart contract will execute the transaction on behalf of the end user and burn the ticket
    At the end more or less it does something similar than TzSafe : have an object with its signature proving is signed by X

PS : the last use case I see not implemented, is the CRON. It would give the possibility for a smart contract to sign Tx by itself, so it does not require a user interaction. None-interactive transactions could be only possible if contracts are able to sign transaction by itself (this exists on other blockchains). CRON limitation is limited by its XTZ balance, once gas cannot be paid, the CRON is no more active.


There is a Work in Progress TZIP proposal reg account abstraction.

I am working on another TZIP (an extension of the previous) that simplies the verification process. MR open for review: Tzip-28: simulated proof of event (!206) · Merge requests · Tezos / tzip · GitLab

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A demo of the current implementation state of PoE on the Dapp side and on a multisig as well