Unwrapping Wrap Protocol by Bender Labs

Unwrapping Wrap Protocol by Bender Labs

Recently Bender Labs have published a whitepaper for their first open finance ecosystem product on Tezos — the Wrap Protocol for asset tokenization. Wrap seeks to bring the diversity of assets and liquidity to Tezos. Thanks to wrapping, tokens can be transferred between blockchains where one blockchain effectively acts as another’s side-chain. Wrap transforms Tezos into Ethereum’s sidechain.

Version 1.0 of the Wrap whitepaper consists of four primary sections:

  1. Cross-chain liquidity and interoperability
  2. Wrap protocol by Bender Labs
  3. WRAP Token and Wrap Economy
  4. Roadmap

Read the full article with the highlights of the whitepaper in question on our website

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