Updates on Kolibri Protocol & The Kolibri Forum

A lot has happened in Kolibri since we launched fully decentralized governance in August.

We’ve provided a full update on the last few weeks on our Twitter, but wanted to highlight the following points below!

Kolibri Forum
Most importantly, we’ve launched discuss.kolibri.finance as a dedicated forum to discuss Kolibri news, updates and governance proposals.

Most project updates will live on that forum in the near future. Please come join us if you’re interested in participating in governance! (And as always, the team and community is available for casual banter on Discord)

Decentralized Social Media and Community Contributions

Kolibri now has a dedicated Twitter and Subreddit that are run separately of Hover Labs by the community.

Our community has also started buildling additional tooling around the protocol, such as an alerter for when Oven’s reach certain collateralization thresholds.

Governance Proposals

Our governance process works using code that executes code trustlessly on chain so that there are no humans involved, creating a truly decentralized governance process. We’ve invested significant efforts into building tooling to make it so anyone can create governance proposals, regardless of technical ability, by using the UI at governance.kolibri.finance.

For instance, adjusting the stability fee is as easy as:

So seen 2 proposals pass the governance process so far, one written and submitted by the community to raise the debt ceiling, and one written by Hover Labs to lower the stability fee.

Open Source Contracts and Contract Upgrades

Today we’ve open sourced the core contracts and have presented the community with the first set of proposed contract upgrades as Kolibri Improvement Proposal 006. This upgrade would prioritize liquidations occurring via the Liquidity Pool.