Updates on TZIP Process

Hello All,

I am Asutosh. I am an Engineering Manager for the Ecosystems and Tools team at Trilitech. I noticed some challenges faced by the community in publishing TZIPs. Hoping I can help out by playing a program manager role for the TZIP process. My aim is to encourage use of TZIPs, enable and help the community to use it more frequently and make it easier for the community to put forward ideas.

As a first step I would like to start a discussion on identifying the bottlenecks that discourage the use of TZIPS more actively. Please share your thoughts and suggestions. Look forward to hearing from you. Also if there are others who are equally passionate about helping out, I look forward to hearing from you.

Summary of suggestions

Summary of suggestions so far (not in priority order)

  • Resolving open issues
  • Clear documentation on how the process works

How about honoring the efforts of the community and not ignoring @jdsika gitlab issues in TZIP repository as start?

  1. Question: TZIP Governance (#69) · Issues · Tezos / tzip · GitLab

  2. License: CC0-1.0 not usable (#68) · Issues · Tezos / tzip · GitLab

Or cleaning up/resolving all the open issues?

This process/discussion should´ve start years ago btw… now people are discouraged or just left

The TZIP process is not clearly communicated. Just 2 days ago I was looking for details, and the best I could find was this page, which is missing the essencial diagram.

I actually resorted to chatGPT in the hopes that it could shed some light on the matter:

I have no idea how accurate this is. For example, if it is indeed the TF that has the final say on the proposals then what is the criteria used in their evaluation?

Hi Asutosh,

it is nice e-meeting you and welcome to the community! I would be very happy to have a structured exchange regarding the improvement of the tzip process. One of my major responsibilites is standardization in the automotive industry and I have build up one of the largest organization with over 450 members including all major players in the industry. I can “lend a hand” in advising what the criteria for compliant and effective processes in the industry are. Feel free to contact me carlo.van-driesten@bmw.de

Best regards


Nice to e-meet you as well. Thanks for offering help and sharing contact details , I will get in touch with you.

Thanks for the suggestion, having clarity on the process works is essential, I will add this to the list of priorities.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Absolutely, I agree that resolving the backlog of issues should be a high priority. I will be maintaining a list of priorities to improve the process and will keep the summary in the post.

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Hey @asutosh any progress or updartes on the TZIP process?

Hey @Britcoin. Thanks for asking. I have created a working group to focus on process improvements and it is just getting started. I will be posting regular updates on the progress.

Sharing Updates:

  • We have created a working group with the following objectives:
  • Identify pain points
  • Process improvements to address the pain points
  • Guide TZIP authors on the process.
  • Helping to move the process along until we set something robust in place (e.g. approving MRs)

We had our 1st meeting this week to discuss the working mechanism, we will continue to meet and work on the objectives and I will continue to provide regular updates. If you are interested in joining the working group please let me know.
I have also consolidated the list of ongoing/planned/stuck TZIP proposals. I am reaching out to the authors to understand the issues they are facing w.r.t. the process, will assist them through the process and identify the scope for process improvement.