Updating and raising awareness about the Community Rewards Program

We’re looking to create a new category for the CRP and would like some feedback.

The reward would be for those who promote Tezos offline. For those who get out there and engage strangers. Who initiate something spontaneously or go to an event and start conversation. Also for those who hold events themselves.

What do you think of the idea and what would be a good name for that?

Some ideas that have been floated:

  • Offline Ambassador
  • Community Meat-ups
  • <<< your idea here >>>

We are also adding a “Wiki Warriors” category for helping out with the Tezos Agora Wiki ( https://wiki.tezosagora.org/ ).


Nice idea. The names are all more or less funny iirc. “Real World Shiller” would fit here.

Even a single discussion with 1 person could fall into this category. So i would like to propose, that showing a Tezos Blockhash in a picture of the happening would be a requirement.

Is that because Tezos uses Proof of Steak?