Voter Registration

Another approach to the “Voting nudge” would be, to register as a voter.

Of course, registration should not be tied to any requirements.

That way only the interested bakers/delegation-services would vote (and count for the Quorum).
Also Exchanges which can’t/doesn’t want to vote, wouldn’t influence the Quorum that way.

Also @StakeNow problem would be solved that way.

It could be seamlessly integrated in the current Voting process. The Proposal Phase could reset at the point a proposal is injected, to make sure it runs at least 5 cycles.

Everyone who participates in the Proposal Phase will be registered as a voter.
The Quorum in the Exploration/Promotion Phase would be calculated on the base of registered voters from the Proposal Phase.

The prerequisite for this is, that the proposal phase also has a yay/nay/pass option.



I think this is a worthwhile idea to encourage the idea of “people who care” deciding the future of Tezos vs. “voting with ignorant rolls” which could happen now. Even bakers with massive numbers of rolls should have to get their delegators to register to vote in order to be able to use their tez coins for his/her rolls. This would level the playing field to a large degree as active bakers who communicate with their delegators will have the advantage.

Requiring voter registration can take at least the length of 2 proposal cycles so people can’t register to vote on something already in progress.