Voting weight

Currently, bakers voting weights are calculated at the beginning of a voting period. This is different from baking/endorsing rights, that are randomly selected from roll snapshots to mitigate strategic tokens purchase in anticipation of a snapshot.
Wouldn’t it make sense to use the same randomly selected snapshot to calculate voting weights to also mitigate strategic tokens purchase for voting weights?

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The rationale for the random snapshots is indeed to smooth out the natural incentive to increase and decrease ownership of tez around the snapshot point. The behavior, by itself, is not problematic, but it could create useless churn. Multiple snapshot point smooths things out.

For voting, the strategic aspect becomes more important. Multiple snapshot points would not be a bad thing to implement but, if the voting weights are going to be revisited, it’s worth going much further than that. Two ideas worth exploring:

  1. Taking the snapshot after the ballots are cast, leaving sufficient time for delegations to be changed if delegators disagree with the vote.

  2. Possibly requiring longer term bonds for yes votes.