Week of April 27 - Questions for the Tezos Foundation

If you have a question for the Tezos Foundation, please include below and we will do our best to answer in this week’s update coming out on Friday.

Here is link to last week’s update.

Sure. My questions, like so many others, are:

  • why isn’t the foundation being open/honest about all the things happening behind closed doors?
  • Where are the results of the financial audit?
  • What are the salaries of the board members?
  • What other compensations are being given?
  • (from reddit) How much fundraiser money have they paid themselves since taking over?
  • How were these compensation packages decided upon?
  • And how do these compensation packages correlate with the amount of work or expertise each board member has contributed?

Note: These subjects, frequently asked about by many users since these weekly AMAs began, have been ignored every week.


Any possibility for multi-ownership bakeries? Say multiple people want to run a bakery but don’t possess enough funds on their own. Members of the bakery would get rewards proportional to their individual investment, and there could be an unbonding period to allow members to secure needed funds in case a member wants out. Maybe even fractional votes could be possible. Could be a good way to increase decentralization without lowering the roll requirement.

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Are there any NFT projects running on Tezos yet?

Do you have something equivalent to ERC721 as a sample to build upon?

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When will the foundation bakers be turned off? Was this not part of the original plan once enough bakers came online? Or at least, reduce the number of foundation bakers by half.


Few questions on my side.

DEFI - We have seen the recent news of having tzBTC similar to wBTC which is a first nice step but still having a centralised and custodian approach and a need for cold storage, centralised audit, etc…
Are you planing in investigating projects like to pBTC, tBTC, or renBTC etc. The first two wouldn’t be interesting as they use ETH peg to overcolateralized (but could be replicated on Tezos), however the later project could be of interest to work with the team to integrate Tezos. Point is having decentralised network to “custody” instead of replicating classic custodial and centralised banking. Question is what are the thoughts and direction on DEFI?

IPFS - Do we have projects support on those direction? In the same vein, how about again funding some projects like Unstoppable domains to integrate Tezos, to have simpler address for delegation, would love to delegate to HotStake.crypto or TzBakery.xtz instead of tz1xxxxxxxxxhhhnvgfb. The simpler the better.

SIMPLICITY- It seems wallets, explorer plugins, apps, are the way to go to ensure adoption (at least our current couple of years)

We have seen you current approach is pushing grants (thus responsibilities), but how about building a tooling dev team under Tezos Foundation make an official Tezos Wallet, we (the community) at least be sure this project will have funds and keep on being developed for at least 10–20 years. And this doesn’t go against decentralisation, because if I want a multiple currency wallet I won’t use yours, or if I want a cold storage one (the same), or else.

NODES - In the same vein, why not funding your own foundation baking tools, a “click to solo-bake” use for anyone owning 8000 XTZ and a ledger ( and maybe less in the future). Again if it is a branch of TF this tool would be maintained and again this doesn’t prevent from other teams to develop a better or more efficient one.

We know many people which would have their own node if this was easy, could also be interesting for Companies to have some nodes when using the protocol, to ensure decentralisation and securing networks their business relies on.

PS: Building a branch doesn’t need to be done in Switzerland where you will have 150K CHF for a junior dev, it can also be done in other place of the world again. (ex: A team in Asia for the wallet, A team in russia for baking tools and one in south America for - this would bring knowledge in all part of the world and Tezos interest everywhere.)

Partnership - Funding strategy
This aspect is kinda tricky but, we have seen that not only you are funding via grants, you also participate early seed in round table, which seems interesting as an approach. Are you planning to keep in doing it ? Are you only targeting the STO start-ups?

Are you planning to works with some consulting firms (IT devs, comm firms, etc) at some point, either by making partnerships or creating one from scratch? The way Consensys works for eth as an example, but this would be interesting to have 1,000’s of consultants, all over the world presenting, speaking, educating, developing Proof of Concepts to companies on integrating parts of their back office on Tezos (if there is a business cases). I feel somehow, currently the reach is only done by curious people within those company, but it could be useful to have externals triggering the thinking or at least providing support.

Heard recently Arthur in an interview in the willingness of funding Infra, which seems a good approach, not sure if I fully agree though and understand he spoke for himself only.

How to ensure (when funding non-infra project) they will have a sufficient business case to keep on running the project when grants funding are stopped ?

Could you explain us your strategy there ?

Protocol Development:
We have seen much already, however it feels somehow being a bit EU centralised (FR, CH, ES),

Somehow could we give the message that for the next protocol Amendment we would be glad to have a high amount to be minted linked to the proposal in order to potentially communicate and market it, and attract devs and dev teams around the world to work on the protocol, would love to hear about Asian, Indian, African, South American team working on the core protocol or at least liaising with the one in EU to give a hand. We have a self amending and self-financing mechanism within the protocol, why not using it and marketing it. (We understand we cannot have N upgrades a year as it would become a mess in deliveries/testing adaptation, but how to increase decentralisation on those aspects without having too much friction ?)

Community Development:
How are you planing to develop community engagement (in all its form, speaking, developing, organising, etc.)?

Seems we have a strong and large community, how to use it ? What is your strategy there?
We see lot of efforts in funding various Branch/foundation TQ, TCF, Tezos Japan, TSA, etc., events.
what is the strategy there?
Are you planning to use community managers directly on TF is only Funding the foundation. (Somehow it seems like a central bank… )

What do you expect from us (the community) and what can we do to help?

What are the next steps, now we do have 1000+ Devs and now what? Are we planing to push further in this direction? Do we have a plan?

Do we have a place where we have all the maintained Tezos information consolidated ?
All the ST standards, explained, fields etc., ?
All the Languages, librarires explained and documented, etc.,
All the ongoing projects, initiatives?
All the baking tools?
All the baker analysis links, baking-bad, my tezos baker, etc?
All the block explorer listed?
All the tools,etc.

Few thoughts.



This is a really well thought out set of suggestions and questions from Sunshine. I hope the TF will answer all the questions.

Those are great questions – probably won’t be able to answer all of them by tomorrow but we’ll keep any we don’t get to on the queue for the near future.