Week of August 31 - Questions for the Tezos Foundation

If you have a question for the Tezos Foundation, please include below and we will do our best to answer in this week’s update coming out on Friday.

Here is a link to last week’s update.

Can we have an update on the grant portal that was supposed to be launched on the 31st of August? Has this been delayed…


I would like to know if the foundation could open an official account on Telegram-type social networks, with professional moderators not having too easy censorship, I am referring in particular to the most frequented group on the Telegram platform, which on the pretext spokesperson for the tezos project, banned without warning or discussion members who question themselves, or who express points of view that do not go in the direction of what these pseudo administrators think. I think this could be an asset in communication, which so far is too formal from my point of view and not close enough to the community.

Does the Tezos Foundation monetary incentives projects that currently build on other public blockchains to switch to Tezos? In the current market environment (DeFi / Gas prices on Ethereum) this could be an interesting possibility for the Tezos ecosystem to grow inorganic. If not, why not?

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