Week of January 4 - Questions for the Tezos Foundation

Happy New Year !

If you have a question for the Tezos Foundation, please include below and we will do our best to answer during the week.

The most frequently asked questions will be added to our FAQ.

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  1. How many new projects are being funded or are in the process of approval of funding since August 2020? When do they plan to go live?
  2. Why is there no oversight of things being developed with TF funding like on some other projects?
  3. What is the view of the TF on the latest mini bull run in crypto and tezos being a stable coin in that phase?
  4. Does the TF believe that the market cap of Tezos is important?
  5. Has the TF plans to fund some competitions on exchanges like the latest from Polkadot on Binance?
  6. How much does TF plan to spend on the development, adoption and promotion 2021 and in which areas specific?
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Is Web3 Foundation winging it? If not, can TF hire some of the consultants/contractors they use?

Does the Foundation have any plans to be a liquidity provider on DEXter or Quipuswap?

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Hello, TF!
How y’all doing today?

  1. Does Tezos Foundation also intensive look for projects to grant or it’s just the other way around?
    Recently, after Tezos Israel Workshop, a few cool projects showed up, including Zodiac (https://zodiac-react.vercel.app/), a prediction market built on Tezos. The developers said on Twitter that they are focusing on another project right now, and not on Zodiac. IMHO, prediction markets can be simple projects that bring a lot of new users and movement to the ecosystem. The bold text above is probably enough for TF to not talk to them, and it makes sense, but maybe if the Foundation shows interest in projects before they seek a grant, it could change how the developers see what they’re building.

  2. What happens when a grantee disappears? Is there a contract protecting the money granted, or it’s a trust-based relation?
    For example, Tezos Brazil looks inactive. No Twitter or website activity. Was there some conversations before they went inactive?
    2.1) If they’re still active and building, are TF allowed to share their contact information?


Udemy or Coursera course for Tezos planned?

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We have several grants and projects which are going to be live in the first half of 2021 that we can’t wait to share with the community. Additionally, we’ve started receiving a significant amount of new proposals via our new Grant Platform that we’re very excited about and are in the process of reviewing. Our forthcoming biannual report will share information on all new grants made in the second half of 2020.

There is absolutely oversight and some projects have been withheld payment for not meeting agreed upon milestones. With the new grants platform, we will be able to more seamlessly track grantee milestone progress.

Hello Tezos-Hunter!

  1. Grantees are sourced in a number of different ways. While we have a Grant Platform that is open to proposals from the public, we also identify and pursue projects to fund based on our strategic priorities and where Tezos has a competitive advantage. We believe both of these sourcing methods are vital to the long-term health and success of the protocol.

  2. The Foundation typically enters into a bespoke grant agreement with a grantee. The grant agreement specifies the conditions under which the grantee will receive funding. The grantee will always have to foster directly or indirectly the Tezos protocol with the funding received. In case the grantee does not meet the defined conditions or milestones, it will not receive further funding or will have to return the funding tranches already received in the worst case. Of course, activity or inactivity on social media is not necessarily an indicator that the project itself is active or inactive, or that a project is not fulfilling its obligations under the grant agreement.

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There are a number of high-quality training courses on Tezos that are currently available or in development now. For a full breakdown of these courses, check out the Weekly Update we did on this topic.

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Tnx for the answers. I think we all agree that the community wants to be updated on new projects. And this would be nice to be more than just in the biannual reports. Would be nice to know when a new project is funded and when the ETA of going live is :slight_smile:

Dear Tezos Foundation friends, regarding this announcement:

Some questions come to my mind as time goes on and there are no related upgrades about the following statements:

- On the Foundation Council, as previously announced, current Tezos Foundation President, Ryan Jesperson, is not seeking re-election and will no longer serve on the Executive Committee.

QUESTION: So when and how are the Tezos Foundation elections?

- In addition to personnel changes within the Council, the Foundation is proceeding with the expansion of the executive and the administrative team.The process of hiring an Executive Director, who will handle day-to-day administration and lead the implementation of the Foundation’s strategy, is progressing as planned and should be completed by early Q3 2020. Additional executive hirings covering product and engineering management are in progress.

QUESTION: Is there any upgrade about the hiring of the Executive Director?

Thanks in advance and Happy New year! You are doing a great job and I am personally very excited about your last marketing/awareness plans!