Week of June 22 - Questions for the Tezos Foundation

If you have a question for the Tezos Foundation, please include below and we will do our best to answer in this week’s update coming out on Friday.

Here is a link to last week’s update.

when do you start doing something about broader awareness about tezos in the crypto sphere(marketing and such)? its a way to adoption. with all the tech and projects running live in the tezos ecosystem tezos should be higher on cmc. instead of that projects, like ADA with no functioning solutions are in front of tezos, or LINK which is just a option on tezos. wouldnt even mention crypto.com

when will the winners of the last funding round go public? when does the next round start? why is this proces so long?

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What entities has the TF given KYC information contributed by participants in the fundraiser?

Now that I’m receiving lawsuit spam to the email I provided, I want to know what information has been exposed, to whom it was given to, and how long the TF will hold personally identifiable information of contributors.

Few questions:

  1. When will the next biannual report be published?

  2. Why is the developer activity for dapps non-existent even after two years? Even if most dapps on Ethereum may not make sense, there are hundreds of experiments taking place there and tezos seems to have none of it. What kind of incentives is TF creating so similar experiments can take place on Tezos as well?

  3. TF made a big push towards STOs throughout the entire last year. In addition to applications like STOs, what other categories of app development is TF currently focusing on? Are there partnerships or acquisitions in defi, gaming or other sectors lined up for this year?

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