Week of May 11 - Questions for The Tezos Foundation

If you have a question for the Tezos Foundation, please include below and we will do our best to answer in this week’s update coming out on Friday.

Here is a link to last week’s update.

I see a lot of questions were asked last week by the public, but only 2 were answered in the update. Why isn’t TF answering all questions? Why is TF censoring questions?


Aside from the transparency concerns that krixt mentioned above. What is going on with the funding of the Kiln developers? I heard they haven’t received any grant from the TF for a while, it might just not be true at all, rumors , but what they are doing is priceless, bakers are a huge part of the Tezos ecosystem and development in the baking tools area is key to the success of Tezos. My baking operations depends on kiln baking software.


I would also like to hear TF answer questions that have yet to be answered. There were some questions posted by a user “Sunshine” a few weeks back, and one of their question was:

“We have seen you current approach is pushing grants (thus responsibilities), but how about building a tooling dev team under Tezos Foundation make an official Tezos Wallet, we (the community) at least be sure this project will have funds and keep on being developed for at least 10–20 years. And this doesn’t go against decentralisation, because if I want a multiple currency wallet I won’t use yours, or if I want a cold storage one (the same), or else.”

  • Could you answer the question above? (in addition to the other questions that have yet to be answered)

  • Related to that question, how about TF funding another entity like Nomadic Labs, but with the sole responsibility of maintaining the widely used apps and tools in the Tezos ecosystem once the development gets abandoned (e.g., tezbox, kiln etc.) ?

  • It feels like the current grant structure of having a grant cycle each quarter is too long. Has there been any thoughts on implementing Fast-Track small grants as well?

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What is the status of CBDC? I know the bank of France is in the works? Any other? Algorand is catching up with some small island countries developing CBDC on Algo!
What is the status of a new president?
Also any plans for Fast-Track small grants?