Week of November 30 - Questions for the Tezos Foundation

If you have a question for the Tezos Foundation, please include below and we will do our best to answer during the week. The most frequently asked questions will be added to our FAQ.

Here is a link to last week’s update.


We have a question from the community about Shopify integration.


I have a general question for you as well. How do you get people to want to build on Tezos without paying them?

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What’s happening with Kiln? I have a been a user since day one, active in the slack community and always pretty satisfied with it. However, the past couple of months have been a nightmare. Kiln is riddled with issues to the point where I can’t even use it. The previous release had an issue where a community member found a fix in the slack channel, and currently everyone is having a issue with the ledger being disconnected before you can add a baker. Check out the Slack channel for example.

There are dozens of people that are having issues. If we seek decentralization, we need to improve the baking tools. If not, people will start delegating to avoid the hassle.

Will the Tezos Foundation consider increasing the amount of funding that they give to grant recipients for major projects? From say $100k --> $1mm depending on the size of the endeavor. A large development team costs money.


Are you not allowed to talk about Tezos at all as a TF council member?

Danny was on TV yesterday and not a mention. No mention on Twitter as well.

It feels like TF council members live in an ivory tower where they’re in witness protection, not allowed to interact with the community or even utter the word Tezos.

It’s not right; it creates an “us vs. them” mentality. Meanwhile Brad G. from Ripple and Charles H. from Cardano are on TV monthly acting like they actually care about their project.

It’s not right, repent!


When can we expect the Tezos Foundation to announce their new baking and delegation strategy? Has TF been listening to the community’s very justifiable concerns?


Have to agree here. TF should be doing their part to evangelize the Tezos Protocol.

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Members of TF should 100% be active on reddit, telegram, and twitter.

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We have been losing bakers in the past few months which is unfortunate. It has been brought up before that the TF should put forward a program to boost our ranks. Here’s an example of another network, Polkadot, putting together just the same thing https://twitter.com/polkadotnews/status/1334587749026963459

Others seem to be able to do more with less. What is keeping the TF from being more active, effective and leading (even if from behind) in some aspect of the status quo?

I see throngs and throngs of capable and highly intelligent people working on the Tezos social/promotional area and working within the technical committees but it seems like they have their hands tied by the people signing the checks. In my opinion it is foolish to play possum like this now while the iron is hot. That is unless you love to fight a testy (with your community) uphill battle for the rest of our network’s existence.

My question is: is it solely this community’s responsibility to attract new bakers? Do you truly believe the 1 billion US dollar gorilla on the block doesn’t have any part to play here?

Dear council, your lack of passion about Tezos is hurting the community.


In my eyes is see two things. First, tech-wise TF is doing an excellent job. Second, from an adoption perspective, they are failing big time. I wonder if they don’t understand that or they just don’t give a s***. Honestly, I don’t believe that in the year 2020 people will come running to use some tech just for the tech(look at overpriced Apple products). Nowadays people are rather willing to wait for ETH2 for 5 years or wait that some other tech will be developed and listen to some promises(Cardano).
Seriously if that attitude won’t change I don’t see Tezos as a real competitor in the blockchain space anymore. I mean who needs dapps like Dexter if there are two tokens to trade(maybe some arbitrage trading but that’s it)? Don’t get me wrong. As said tech development is amazing, but what can you do with that if a small fraction of people are using it… As I am always saying… just remember VHS vs. BETA.
As my post today on Reddit from the Kraken report says. Tezos lacks Influencers, Twitter and news articles. And that’s almost half of the outlets that people consider when deciding to enter some ecosystem, which later brings more interest from others and broadens interest in a project, which in the end brings more devs and more users to an ecosystem.
One other thing. A project with over 700 million dollars doesn’t have a windows baker. I know 3 other guys who would bake solo instead of delegating if they would have a WIN baker. Some prominent users back in the early days of Tezos laughed at me when I asked about a WIN baker. I mean really?
IMO 2021 will be a decisive year for Tezos. Flourish as one of the best if not the best project in crypto space. Or be just another project that made a shot but failed. And then those big millions will be useless. except for TF compensations. And that’s another thing that I dont understand. Why saving money? If Tezos doesn’t succeed in the next year or two between other projects than nobody needs that big fund. Tezos will be just another BETA. And then there will be just a few of us left, that are Tezos believers since the whitepaper, who will still be around…
My advice would be to continue on the tech-wise development and hire a COMPETENT marketing strategist.


Just look at this, Tezos Capital snidely and publicly lambasting the way TF handles developer and ecosytem support.

How ridiculous of a situation for us to be in. With a ton of financial assets at the ready, and a Foundation unwilling to budge on grant sizing, grant giving, even down-sizing their baking operations, etcetera. Why make grants so small, and strict? It makes no sense. TF should be nurturing the community.

And for that matter, why is the grants portal non-public? I would imagine the community would like to have a say on what gets funded? Or the progress of what is funded? Or how much funding each endeavor receives? What grant applications are denied?

I learned today that my Baker made a deeply technical, well thought-out proposal in 2018 and was denied, and given no reason as to why. Ridiculous, and utterly, utterly frustrating.

How can the Foundation see this stuff every single week and fail to realize they need to change the way they go about things? SPEND. GET and RETAIN the developers. Treat them well. Take care of them. That’s the way to build a strong community.

OH, and please start marketing.


Instead we have a TF board member Danny Masters that only talks about Bitcoin. Just recently he was on CNBC and didn’t mention Tezos once.

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How about we cut through the niceties and you reveal what baker you’re talking about? Stop pussyfooting around this guise of “my baker since 2018 says this and says that”. Why don’t you reveal them… or I don’t know… have them make a post in here since it seems like they’re so concerned with the ecosystem that they won’t even make a post on agora…

Second, I would recommend re-reading the grant process, as it’s not limited to a specific amount, so I’m not sure where you’re getting this backhanded information.

Third, do you know how many core dev teams there are in the ecosystem? Did you somehow not read the scheduled updates that they’re going to try to meet i.e.; a proposal upgrade every 3 months?

Fourth, it seems you have missed the whole thing about Tezos Capital and how they received grant funding to build on eth… I’d advise you to go through the threads on agora and see what has been said about that. As far as I’m concerned, Tezos Capital is nothing but greedy and if they want to build on eth, then they should go talk to Consensys or Polkadot foundation.


Since you don’t publicly support Tezos, aren’t involved in social media, don’t support bakers, and aren’t transparent, how will Tezos ever become a top 5 project.


I have been a Tezos supporter since inception and I am one of the members that is becoming increasingly concerned by the The Foundation. Bakers are leaving us which means we are in danger of becoming even more centralised than we currently are, Is something being done to address this issue?

My next question is whether The Foundation will change the approach of providing funding to projects. Developers need funding to provide us with the fantastic goodies we see on other chains. Tezos is great but there is definitely alot of competition and some people WILL leave and build elsewhere. No Funding = No Projects.

The Foundation needs to address these concerns. The situation is now untenable and I believe action must be taken soon before this project fades into obscurity.

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Let’s be real here and put this into perspective. We went from 408 bakers to 395. That’s a net loss of 13 bakers, who very well might not have left, but forgot to update their node. Where are you seeing that Tezos Foundation is not supporting developers? Are you just piggybacking off the above posts without even looking into these assertions because I can debunk these in less than 1 minute by reading the weekly TF updates.

How about you quit being a dramatic gopher and use real facts instead of anecdotes?

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We would certainly consider increasing the amount of funding given to grant recipients for major projects, as we know that a large development team costs money.


@Barry_Badrinath we are the baker that @xpop was taking about. We did apply for a grant in the early days as we were providing a number tools to the community (some of you may remember the tools as they were a stop gap while the community developed better ones). The proposal was to provide mainnet and testnet nodes to the community. We spent many weeks putting the proposal together and in the end didn’t get it. We understand that we may not have made the grade to the foundations high standard, which is fine but what was not fine is that we never got any feedback apart from we didn’t get it. All we were told is that it went to the last stage and was rejected. The problem we had was that we got no feedback at all or even if we could apply again.

We also have recently stopped all our Tezos testing nodes and running any testing as we can no longer justify the costs. We have been involved in running the testnets from the beginning and even wrote a long article on Agora how the foundation could use their XTZ rewards to pay for testing in a decentralised way (which would help teams like us pay for the testing infrastructure). Unfortunately none of the ideas were taken up (or even discussed) so we regrettable took down our testing infrastructure a month ago. We are also raising our fees to 15% as of the 1st Jan for new business (we never up the fees on existing customers) because the cost of carry on our bond is now negative. In other words after chain inflation and taxes we lose money everyday by posting the bond for baking. We can’t keep running a business that losses money and so had to increase our fees.

It’s sad for us to leave Tezos but we can no longer make any money as a small baker and we have now moved on. We have sold a significant chunk of our holdings and plan to just bake for our loyal customers. We don’t have a choice but to leave the Tezos eco system. We always hoped that the foundation would reduce their baking so we all benefit from the decentralisation and the extra rewards. But they continue to bake as aggressively as they can and at this rate will be 30% by next year. No small baker can afford to run a service under these conditions. Such a centralised network is not for us. We hope we can come back one day but for us it’s sadly no longer a viable venture. We wish everyone in Tezos community well and we will still be watching from afar. Hope that clarifies our position.