Week of October 19 - Questions for the Tezos Foundation

If you have a question for the Tezos Foundation, please include below and we will do our best to answer in this week’s update coming out during the week.

Here is a link to last week’s update.


I’m going to ask the obvious question thousands of Tezos holders and supporters are asking. Are you going to take initiative to get on PayPal’s new crypto accepting platform?

Also, a similar follow up question if I may. Would you consider purchasing a twitter #tezos hashtag button?

I believe people will see either development as a very positive sign that the Tezos Foundation is taking active steps to promote and steward the project with renewed vigor.

And now an unrelated question. Will you make the grant portal public to all Tezos holders or to at least all the Tezos Bakers? There has been much demand for making the process more transparent so all parties can be on the same page and things have a lesser chance of falling through the cracks. As an added benefit, some of the things you decline to fund will find funding elsewhere, if only this information was public (or semi-public as previously mentioned).


The first version of our new grants platform is now live for active grantees. We look forward to feedback that we will incorporate into future, more feature-rich versions that will be more widely available to the Tezos ecosystem and also allow prospective grantees to submit grant applications. Of course, some features of the grant platform will only be available to existing grantees so they can monitor their progress easily and securely. As always, we will publish detailed information about our grant-making activity in our next Biannual Update.