Week of September 28 - Questions for the Tezos Foundation

If you have a question for the Tezos Foundation, please include below and we will do our best to answer in this week’s update coming out on Friday.

Here is a link to last week’s update.

Hello TF,

I have one regarding grants, from the last biannual update we have learnt that you have given funds to the teams behind the StakerDAO project, can you expand on the reasons behind this grant and how their project will benefit the Tezos ecosystem?

Also, can you share your views on the wXTZ wrapping implementation? How do you think this will help the Tezos network moving forward?



En relación con este anuncio:

Incluiréis en esta iniciativa a la comunidad hispana? En @TezoSpanish llevamos construyendo altruistamente comunidad desde 2017 y podemos ayudar a diseñar, comunicar y distribuir las ayudas adecuadas a los ya más de 1000 seguidores de tezos que hablan español! Muchos actores destacados de la comunidad hispana de Tezos han secundado la petición, como se puede observar en el siguiente tweet:

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First, I am not linked with any other project at this moment.

Second, probably you have many reasons to prefer somebody else with more affinity to you. However, the guy who has been supporting the spanish community during all these years is me and my circle, so we know how to support and keep alive (if TF wishes so) that spanish community cause we have created it.

Well maybe not anymore after they obviously failed, but you were definitely supporting/promoting Dune in the past. You were even retweetng their posts to your followers, misrepresenting Tezos and spreading FUD against your own community. No offense but that tells me you’re a kind of person that would do just about anything for profit. Not someone I would want in charge of a Tezos community branch. But I do hope you see your mistakes now and have changed your ways since then.


Can you elaborate on who you and your “inner circle” are?


I would like to ask for the Tezos Faucet to be resurrected with the following changes in order to keep serving its purposes (help people rescue KT/tz funds & help devs pay gas fees for verifying functionality of their tools on the production chain):

  • Remove phone requirement
  • Add captcha requirement
  • Check balance before dispensing funds and do not dispense if balance is over 0.05 XTZ
  • Allow faucet use a single time only per tz address, disallow use with kt accounts
  • Allow reactivation of zeroed tz accounts with previous history (disallow origination of new tz accounts); If previously zeroed account is used, dispense only 0.02 XTZ to tz address after paying fee to re-add the address to the context
  • Change amount dispensed to 0.05 XTZ on non-zero accounts with balance < 0.05 XTZ

I believe if you change the rules to work for the use cases we have, the faucet will not deplete again for a very long time. I have been sending people my own XTZ to help them out when they encountered the 2 use cases above. It would be much more impressive to say “hey don’t worry the Tezos Foundation has considered this issue and they have a solution for you that will save you”.

Not trying to be unrespectful with other Tezos ecosystem actors, but such comments need some fair clarifications.

  1. It would have been much easier to be commited at 100% to Tezos with a 1/1000 fraction of the funds that the TCF has received.

  2. Since 2018, 2 grants for a very humble amount have been asked to the TF with no success, and support to TCF was also asked having received literally a bunch of stickers for a meetup celebrated in Spain. The second time I contacted to TCF for being regional chapter I didn’t get answer at all, probably for the Dune issue and others.

  3. Other Tezos ecosystem granted actors have publicly supported other protocols. Matej Sima to Dune, Cryptium Labs to Cosmos, Jonas Lamis to Algorand, Jovan Smith to Avalanche…

I already sent 3 days ago a detailed proposal to you TCF, including members and functions.

In public, at this moment, I can tell you I have organized a spanish commitee for that new TF community program formed by:

  • Me, Tezos Spain communtiy manager and former baker

  • CeiboXTZ baker

  • Mytezosbaking baker

  • Tezos Argentina community manager

  • Tezos Mexico community manager

  • Other relevant Tezos spanish ecosystem actors

You still haven’t responded to any of Plavi989’s statements about supporting Dune. We all know the history of Dune and to not answer those allegations shows a great inference of scienter. Don’t get me wrong, no one here is saying we shouldn’t have representation in the Tezos ecosystem and a Hispanic group, however, if you cannot answer your actions from the past, then how are we to believe the sincerity of your actions this time around?

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I will try to be clearer:

  • I had a contract as part of the Dune Foundation validation program for baking an important stake from the Foundation during 1 year.

  • This contract required community developement, so I created and maintaned during the first 6 months the Dune spanish community.

  • This contract has been expired this september.

  • I still think that both projects can coexist but it is not my role to defent or promote it anymore.

Yes, already detailed on other answers

I commited not to use Tezos media to spread Dune information, that was focused on Dune project and never against Tezos.

To create and support the spanish Tezos community since 2017 proves my commitment to Tezos

Spanish community doesn’t think so as you can check on the tweet of below:

Firstly it’s not “other protocols”, I’m talking about Dune here lol …we all know who they are. *Also I really didn’t know about Matej Sima and Dune, very disappointing if true(granted, he’s also not here asking to be funded as a Tezos community manager)
Second, you’re welcome to endorse and support any project you want personally, of course. But having a name like “TezosSpanish” while asking for funding and claiming to represent the Tezos hispanic community, you should, as such, take responsibility for your actions and not use that account to promote such obvious and malicious scams that directly harm our ecosystem just because you lacked funding to be “100% fully committed to Tezos”. I’ve noticed that you also liked recent comments from TezosInstanbul , specifically his hateful rants towards Tezos and our community. Try to stand behind what you claim to believe in, with or without any funding.


I already answered to your claims on other comments, but you seem to be focused always on the past “negative” part.

Regarding the Tezos Istambul liked tweet, please share it to see what says.

This is the one I was referring to:

…don’t see your like on it anymore, not sure when you removed it but glad to see it removed nonetheless.
Also do you care to explain on why your "Tezos"Spanish telegram group has over 60 mentions of Dune?..ranging from admins sharing links of Dune’s official accounts, helping members claiming their dun to just talking about Dune in general (in the Tezos chat).
I’m sorry but I think that your loyalty is not with Tezos, but rather with the highest bidder…that’s where I see a problem when asking for funding.
I’m not trying to be negative…just trying to protect the Tezos community. I would love for you to be who you claim you are, but tbh it’s not looking good so far. And don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you helped a lot of people with Tezos too. I just think it’s a job for someone that truly 100% understands, believes in Tezos and is certainly not affiliated with Dune in any way
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I can assure I have not liked this tweet ever. Please, let’s be civil.

But you seem to don’t understand that this is not about your opinion but about to support the spanish community in the best way, and in the way they want (and they include many fundraiser investors, you are just a louder english voice but not the only one). Whether you like it or not, the facts are that me and my fellows have proved constant commitment to that community and I will keep it alive if TF wishes so:

1k out of 500 mil people speaking spanish, you can do better


Thanks for you comment!

More details on what funding will be available to wallets in the grants process and what specific features are still missing from the ecosystem would be helpful to know going into the next grant round.