Week of September 7 - Questions for the Tezos Foundation

If you have a question for the Tezos Foundation, please include below and we will do our best to answer in this week’s update coming out on Friday.

Here is a link to last week’s update.

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Tezos needs better promotional resources available, some kind of an advocacy toolkit that could allow the community to help drive awareness for Tezos. Is that something the Foundation could provide for the community?


Is it possible to maybe fund someone that could build a step by step tutorial online or YouTube we’re it’s easy to follow for beginners to fully understand what goes into building dapps on Tezos? I’m doing research online and struggling to find any beginner friendly resources to begin creating even the simplest dapp… reached out to Claude who was very helpful and he shared with me a Codeacademy course were you learn the basics Of JavaScript and HTML among other languages as he said knowing JavaScript to build dapps on Tezos is a must but then I would love to see someone put together even the simplest dapp were we can fully understand how a dapp is connected to a smart contract etc… I’m eager to learn and I’m sure many others like me are too, please is this possible? Just a simple dapp were its connected to the blockchain via a smart contract… a good example may be this https://tzbutton.io/ if the team would be willing to show how this was put together so us beginners could get a better picture of it all… they make it look so easy and I want to learn :blush:

Been with Tezos since ICO


Any updates from Emin Gün Sirer and his team regarding the grant for “performing research on sharding and developing tangible product solutions for Tezos”?

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When will you relent and put some funds toward an on-chain development funding mechanism run by baker consensus? It doesn’t have to be 100% foundation monies, it can be a community fund where you match baker donated funds and the TF has veto power to prevent frivolous spending.

I would love to see a Tezos Foundation that’s more geared up to lead the way for everyone with regard to on-chain funding and transparency. Right now 98% of work happens behind the scenes, if we could somehow find a way together to get that number down to 80% you will love the outcome, I promise!


Given that we’re finally close to the launch of DEXs built on Tezos (DEXter and Quipuswap) along with the current Delphi proposal that is set to help devs with further DeFi development…What is the Foundation doing to promote DeFi building on Tezos?

Are you going to refill the Tezos faucet at https://faucet.tezos.com/?

Lots of people asking for it. Perhaps you can have the faucet funds bake with Baking Benjamins so it gets auto replenished. We would be honored.