When is DeFi 2.0 starting on tezos?

Tezos is catching up with 5 years of ethereum development (MakerDAO DAI, Uniswap, aave etc) but now we have 6 DEX that all have the same issues of distributing their token to bring liquidity (except quipuswap that has not opened farms yet)

Finematics did a great video of DeFi 2.0 with protocols such as Tokamak or OlympusDAO.
I am not an expert and I haven’t used them to understand how it improves protocol sustainability (vs users just moving funds to chase the best yield), but it does seem interesting!!

Are some tezos project teams already working on it?

I am also curious about this item. It seems we were missing the boat on DeFi 1.0.
Some projects made some astonishing development but I am also curious if 2.0 is currently being talked about. The lessons learnt from 1.0

When we get EVM compatibility, L2/Side chains. Also OHM isn’t that great

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