Who is building a bridge to transfer native tokens between ETH and Tezos?

Hi everyone,

Is there a team building a bridge to transfer tokens that have been created on both ETH and Tezos sides?

I am asking this because Mozik has issued tokens on both sides (and will not build the bridge themselves), same, Goeureka will soon have tokens on both sides.

Staker has built one but only for their own tokens.

So a bridge as a service would be amazing to bring existing ETH projects to launch on Tezos too (or do a dual launch as a lot of projects do ETH/BSC). I have seen things like PolyBridge or https://exchange.chainswap.com/ provide this service, often between ETH/BSC/MATIC

I am quite new so hopefully that makes sense!

Have you seen the WRAP protocol from Bender Labs? Is that what you have in mind?

Hi, thanks for the reply

I know about WRAP, it is only used to wrap assets towards tezos, that don’t exist on tezos ecosystem. For example, UNI or ETH are all ERC tokens and are not native on tezos.
One of the problem is the centralization, WRAP will need to release the wrapped asset of the ERC token you want to wrap to tezos.

What I am speaking about are things like STKR where there is a STKR ERC and a STKR FA token. Or MOZ for mozik. And several other projects I have found.

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If you read the WRAP whitepaper you’ll see that decentralization is in the works.

B. Wrap v2
Directly after the launch of Wrap Protocol v1, we will start implementing its next iteration.
The most important work on the v2 will be the decentralization of Signers Quorum and the
strengthening of its consensus. By adding incentives such as rewards and bonds, we will further
reinforce the strength of the federation - and lower the level of trust required by users.
Additionally, we will create a process for adding new signers, and removing malicious members
of the quorum.