Will layer 2 have EVM compatibility? And can we wrap XTZ to be a gas token there?

If all the activity will be in layer 2 because EVM is more popular than Michealson, then can we wrap XTZ to be used as a gas token there to get the benefits of the activity in layer 2 in layer 1?

I’m curious to know which Tezos layer 2 solutions are targeting EVM compatibility, can you link to your source please?


Yes, honestly is something I heard, a rumor, I don’t know if this is true, but I find it interesting. But I figured, that all the activity in L2, in order to obtain the benefits in L1 XTZ token, then we should find a way to wrap XTZ into a L2 token, and use that as gas for L2. If L2 has its own separate token, then how it will benefit layer 1 token?