Wiltpad : IDO Launchpad on Tezos

IDO Launchpad on Tezos
We are aimed at Democratizing and Equalizing Token launches for the Projects on the #Tezos Ecosystem.

This project is not only for Tezos Investors, Our aim is to bring new Investors to the Tezos Ecosystem so that Projects can scale up and raise funds easily in a Truly Decentralised and Trustless manner.

Our goals are pretty straightforward. Making Defi safer and more secure by getting rid of rug pulls that make Defi Token Sale Biased. Democratizing and equalizing IDO launches for any crypto investor big or small via fair sale and distribution of tokens.

With the current rise in the Tezos Defi ecosystem, there is a big need for a platform that can help projects incubate & raise capital. Wiltpad as the solution provides an IDO platform for Defi projects on Tezos. it’s primarily focused on the below things.

  • Ease the process of raising capital via token presale for Defi products.
  • A presale and liquidity locking platform on Tezos Chain. Our smart contracts would automatically add and lock liquidity after the presale, thus reducing rug pulls and increasing investor confidence.
  • An IDO launchpad and an incubator for upcoming Defi projects launch on Tezos chain.
  • Securing token presale, while making it available and accessible to all from VCs to Retail Investors.

Roadmap, team, tokenomics?


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We at Wiltpad are solving the problem of Transparency and Trustless Sales

Transparent presales and the users can see how much time the liquidity will be locked after the sale is over
We mitigate the problem of Rug-pull in a better way than any other platforms present right now by making the process trustless

The whole process is carried out in a very secure and sequencial manner that no scammers get an edge at any point. Our process flow is different on how we provide the liquidity once the sale ends.

More details will be there in our whitepaper ( Releasing Soon )