akaDrop | A user-friendly live minting system on Tezos

Tezup! We’re akaSwap, a team dedicated to developing user-friendly martech tools based on Tezos. Since 2021, we’ve been dedicated to keeping innovative and contributing to the ecosystem. In addition to the digital art platform, we provide a full suite of services and tools including customized smart contract, 3D virtual gallery (akaVerse), SBT, etc. This August, we launched a brand-new martech tool called akaDrop, a user-friendly live minting system for new users to experience Web3 features within 2 minutes and without gas fee.

For users, the distance between Web2 and Web3 is shortened as mere 3 steps:

  1. Scan a QR Code created by the creator
  2. Log in with Google account
  3. Claim an artwork

For creators, simply select your artworks in the FA2 standard on Tezos and fill in required information on “Create Drop” to distribute your artworks worldwide. You can also collect claimers’ wallets and gmail addresses for your next marketing campaign.

We provide customized features for akaDrop as well, including real-time claiming leaderboard for on-site events, AI-generated content mimicking creators’ distinctive style, and backend monitoring system for drop creators.

akaDrop has been featured in various international events since this August, including Art Moments Jarkarta 2022, S.E.A.Focus 2023, Notes From the Ether in ArtScience Museum, and the latest Tezos @ South Beach in Art Basel Miami Beach 2023. (More to come for sure!)

S.E.A. Focus Living System: An NFT Show 2023 is an NFT showcase in Singapore and curated by Mama Magnet. Visitors can claim a free edition of artworks as PoA and 0.1 tez as a start-up fee, written in the customized smart contract. Each minted NFT was displayed in real-time leaderboard at the exhibition.

Chaos AI & Research is a project utilizing AI algorithms to reshape the art creation process based on the work “Chaos Research” by the artist Aluan Wang. Visitors can upload their own photos, and the algorithm will turn them into unique generative AI works that act as PoAs. Chaos AI & Research has been showcased in ArtScience Museum, Singapore and Tezos @ South Beach in Art Basel Miami Beach 2023.


Our team will keep optimizing and adding new features to akaDrop. Let us know if you have any suggestions! We’ll keep you posted about what we are doing and have done.

Learn more about akaDrop: https://mars.akaswap.com/drop/home
Learn more about akaSwap: akaSwap | Instagram, Facebook | Linktree